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The MapWell Platform

Accurate and easy-to-follow driving, transit, parking, and indoor walking directions to and from any public destination at your facility, as an add-on to your existing website

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We combine Google Maps directions with your wayfinding logic to create a helpful companion for your visitors’ complete journey, from home to their destination’s door, including:

  • Driving, transit, and biking directions to the closest parking and valet options near their interior destination

  • Walking directions from parking or a transit stop to the building entrance

  • Walking directions inside the building and up the right elevator to their destination

All utilizing your destination names, icons, and landmarks for consistency with signage.

Content is maintained easily on the secure dashboard and support is provided for large updates.

Directions always use accessible entrances and paths.

Help your visitors plan their trip to your facility
and make the most out of their time on-site

MapWell Maps give your visitors the needed context that Google Maps can’t provide

Use the slider at the center of the image to swipe between the Google Map on the left and the MapWell Map of the same campus on the right. Parking garages, private roads, building names, skybridges, and even elevators all help visitors navigate the campus with ease.

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